Our Creed

Christ is our prophet, a man born with the limited divinity all men are endowed with. God created Christ to be our prophet, Christ's success as a prophet came from his close personal relationship with God, and by following God's direction in his life. We believe that Christ's teachings and example illustrate the basic principles God expects us to follow.

The golden rule should guide our actions. Developing a personal relationship with God, and following God's intent in our life is our first goal. The second is the equitable treatment of our fellow man (and the universe in general). We are all the children of God trying to live this life the best way we can. I am not my brother's keeper, but I am his good brother.

We believe as Christ taught, there is only one God. Any polytheistic belief focuses on the individual attributes of the one God. When broken down into smaller portions, complex things are often easier to understand. The problem with such a limited perspective is understanding the whole. Can a person understand what an elephant is by only seeing its tail? God wants us to form a personal relationship with him as Christ did. This requires a broader view.

There is evil in this universe, personified in Lucifer. Evil behavior is behavior contrary to God's guidance, and/or the golden rule. As God intended, all things possess free will, we are often pulled between the two opposites: good and evil. We as Christians, choose to follow God's guidance as Christ taught.

The potential for evil is always within us, and we are striving to limit its control of our thoughts and actions. In many situations, the best we can do is to make decisions that are closer to good than evil. Life is a learning experience, and we are expected to experience our lives fully, and God expects us to follow our personal desires and goals. The goal is to live as we are expected to live and follow direction from God when it is received.

Christ's teachings are just as valid now as they were 2000 years ago. Many of the traditions that have originated in the Christian churches do not stand up to the test of time, but they did not originate with Christ, they came from the religious leaders throughout the centuries. No matter how much we learn about the nature of the universe, the truths that Christ taught are still valid. Christ's teachings are eternal truths.

All things created, originated within God. The one God is all things we witness in this life, and much more. I have used God and him only because of the constraints of our culture and language. To define God as male or female, or anything else misses the wholeness that is God. That said, we are not expected to be perfect like God, we are expected to follow God, and be human, as Christ's example taught. That is the heart of being Christian, being Christ like.


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