Christianity, It may not be what You Think.

What if Christianity was really about freedom. Not just any freedom, but freedom God's way. The way he intended all of mankind to experience it. If you don't believe God thinks freedom is a great thing, just read 1 Samuel 8. The truth is that God gave us freedom of choice, and he expects us to use it. God wants us to live life, experience it fully, and follow his guidance. God gave us individuality, and if you find someone trying to bend you to their law, that is not God's way. You will not find that here. If you are ashamed of where you have been, don't be. You are here now.

If you know these things, and are following Gods way; you have found another part of your extended family. For those of you who have been searching, Open your arms, look up to God, and tell him from you heart, "I want to know you, and all the things you expect, and want for me. Lead me where you will."  God will take you at your word. You can never be prepared for what the life as a 'kings child' will bring, it is incredible. I would never trade it for anything. For all who are still interested, I would suggest reading our creed next.


"If virtue and knowledge are diffused among the people, they will never be enslaved." - Samuel Adams

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