Why Goth and Christian

Many have observed, and rightly so, that the beliefs of most Christians are not in touch with modern reality. For this reason, many people raised in Christianity have left the church, or are at best, only going through the motions, without any true commitment. If Christianity is to survive, in the modern world, we must create a new way of being Christian.  Because, as Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan stated, Religion is as much a progressive unlearning of false ideas concerning God as it is the learning of the true ideas concerning God.? The Goth as a group, are a very creative, and intelligent people, and we the Christian Goth can blaze this new path. To do this, we must first strip away the traditions that have grown up around the church. All too often in the past, traditions were established for a given need, or time. Many of these traditions no longer apply, and must be abandoned. Much as the fairy tales of the nursery, are abandoned for the freedom of adult life. Secondly, we must apply Christ?s teachings to our modern realities. In order finally, to create a new, and more valid way of following Christ.

Jesus was an anarchist. He went against the established religious rules of his time, and was in direct conflict with the religious leaders of the time. What Jesus taught, was a simpler faith, with a more direct connection with God. This works for the Goth brethren, because often, Goth is about conformity in anarchy. There are basic rules for dress, and conduct. Contrasted with the 'be true to yourself' nature of artistic expression. A simple example: I wear dark, and singular colors, chrome, velvet, and leather; but I am unique in the way I present it. Virtually anybody who sees five Goth standing together, will recognize that all five are dressed differently.

Jesus spoke out against religious bigotry, and was shunned by the fundamentalists of his time. Just as most of the Goth brethren, have been shunned by fundamentalist Christians. I have no doubt that if Jesus attended church this Sunday morning, it would only be to tell the members of their shameful behavior. Jesus was considered a partaker of wine; he hung out with an unpopular crowd, and did things that were contrary to the religious laws, and traditions of his time. So, I also believe that if he were here on this Sunday night, he would be hanging out at Industria, to kick one back (as long as someone else was buying), laugh, dance, and holler like the rest of us. As Billy Joel observed, " I'd rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun." Jesus was not what modern Fundamentalists would consider a saint, nor were most of his friends.

We are trying to forge a classic, and original following of Christ?s teaching. Classic in the sense of Christ's original teaching, and original, because there has been no time like the one we live in.  The questions we must continue to ask is, ?What would Christ?s ministry be like, and what would his message be, if he were here today?

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